Italian Oregano

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is a perennial culinary herb plant. Its fresh or dried foliage leaf foliage is a staple addition to countless cuisines; it can also be used for tea and is part of numerous herbal remedies. While native to the Mediterranean and Eurasian regions of the world, Oregano is definitely at home in most temperate parts of the world. Can be grown in part shade and will overwinter in colder winter climates as long as freezes aren’t prolonged. Plants form small, dark green fuzzy leaves that grow both upright and crawl via their roots. Cutting back plants stalks after they start setting seed will encourage more leaf production in a single season. One plant is ideal for a home garden’s culinary needs.

Oregano is perennial and will produce harvestable leaf material approximately 60-90 days from seed started in ideal seasonal conditions.

Seeds are certified organic.