Sasha's Altai Tomato

Sasha's Altai (or Sasha's Pride) Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is a Siberian heirloom originally brought to the U.S. in 1990 by seedsman Bill McDorman, who shared seed stock with during the incipience of the seed company in 2011. This variety has since been stewarded and reproduced many times over for our catalog, and this is easily the most dependable all purpose tomato we carry. While this (perhaps obviously, given its origins) is a great strain to grow in climates with cooler / shorter summers, it's also bonkers productive in hotter climates such as ours. Sasha's is a determinate type that requires minimal trellising and produces substantial yields of slightly flattened, yet nonetheless round and red.  Not a flavor powerhouse, but definitely not bland or mild either. A straight shooter workhorse tomato. 

Tomatoes are annual crops. Sasha's Altai will produce 90-100 days when seeding under ideal climate and soil conditions.
Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.