White Clover

A gorgeous ground cover (Trifolium repens) that produces showy white blossoms once established. Consider the following information, culled from Managing Cover Crops Profitably, 3rd Edition, the quintessential cover crop text: "White clovers are a top choice for 'living mulch' systems planted between rows of irrigated vegetables, fruit bushes or trees. They are persistent, widely adapted perennial nitrogen producers with tough stems and a dense shallow root mass that protects soil from erosion and suppresses weeds. Depending on the type, plants grow just 6 to 12 inches tall, but thrive when mowed or grazed. Once established, they stand up well to heavy field traffic and thrive under cool, moist conditions and shade." Takes some and water to establish, so consider starting in seedling cells and transplanting during warmer seasons and direct sowing outside in rainier ones. Choose plantings carefully, as the plants travel through runner roots and spread readily wherever water is available.

Perennial. 120 days to establishment.
Seeds are certified organic.

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